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Abdessadek Lachgar

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B.S. in Material Sciences, Institute of Materials  Jean Rouxel, University of Nantes,   France, (1982)
Ph.D. in Materials Sciences,  Institute of Materials Jean Rouxel, University    of Nantes, France  (1987)
Postdoctoral Fellow, DOE Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University (1988-90)
Research  Associate-Instructor, University   of Washington, (1990-91)
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation  Research Leave (1996 and 2003)
Visiting Professor, National  Institute for Research on Inorganic Materials, Tsukuba, Japan  (1996)
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Award for  Foreign Scientists (1997)
Visiting Professor, Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, IMN, France, (2003)
Visiting Professor, Institut Galilée, University Paris XIII, Paris, France  (2006)
Visiting Professor, Ecole d’ingénieur de l’Université de Nantes, France (2007)

Office: Salem Hall, 017B
Phone: (336) 758-4676
Email: lachgar@wfu.edu
Home Page: https://lachgar.sites.wfu.edu/research/

Research Description

Description of Research
The ability to optimize various physical and chemical properties of materials, and to develop entirely new materials is at the heart of my research interest. The aim is to design, synthesize and characterized multifunctional materials which are materials that can be used for multiple functions (catalysis, conductivity, magnetism, luminescence, etc..) microwave, etc.). The approach used to reach our goal is the molecular building block approach in which specific molecular species are first synthesized then put together in a rational way to give specific structures with specific chemical and physical properties. The materials targeted have potential applications in Hydrogen storage, CO2 sequestration, environmental remediation, and Biodiesel production. Three main projects are currently investigated:

  1. Cluster-based Metal Organic Materials (CMOMs)
  2. Hybrid organic-inorganic phosphates and phosphonates (HOIPs)
  3. Natural products based catalysts for Biodiesel Production (NPCs)



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Ekaterina V. Anokhina, Cynthia S. Day, and Abdessadek Lachgar, “Towards the Design of Open-Framework Cluster materials: A New Layered Niobium Oxochloride Related to Hexagonal Bronzes”, Angew. Chem. 2000, 39: (6) 1047

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Nägele, E. Anokhina, J. Sitar, H.-J. Meyer, and A. Lachgar “Synthesis and Crystal Structures of ATi[Nb6Cl18] Compounds (A = K, Rb, Cs, In, Tl), Z. Naturforsch. Accepted, Oct. 1999

E.V.Anokhina, M.W.Essig, A.Lachgar, “Ti2Nb6Cl14O4: A Unique 2D-1D Network Combination in Niobium Cluster Chemistry” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 1998, 37, 522-525.

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Awards & Accomplishments

Ranlet S. Bell and Frank M. Bell, Jr. Faculty Fellowship 2009-2012
Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award 2010-2011