Congratulations Dr. Yao!

Dr. Xiyuan Yao, Wake Downtown researcher and former member of Dr. Bierbach’s research group successfully defended his PhD dissertation titled “Studies on the Molecular Mechanism and Targeted Delivery of Platinum-Acridine Anticancer Agents” on December 8, 2020. Dr. Yao joined us in 2015 after obtaining his B.S. from Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tianjin Medical University Tianjin, China. He was awarded the 2020 Outstanding Senior Graduate Student Award in Chemistry, on the basis of his extraordinary versatility and prolific productivity. He was an excellent co-mentor to numerous undergraduates, and has been exceptionally helpful to instructors who’ve had him as their TA. We are grateful for his contributions to our department and wish him the best of success as he continues his career at Scripps Research in Florida. Congratulations Dr. Yao!