Congratulations to Our Faculty Colleagues

Congratulations to our faculty colleagues for a number of recent accomplishments:

Abdou Lachgar, for his appointment as Director of the WFU Program in Environmental Studies (July 01, 2014 – June 30, 2017);

Patricia Dos Santos, for continued NSF funding for her CAREER proposal “Target specificity of cysteine desulfurase in Bacillus subtilis,” (for the period from 4/9/2014 – 3/31/2016);

Rebecca Alexander, for continued NSF funding for her proposal “Dissecting catalytic features of diverse methionyl‐tRNA synthetase enzymes,” (for the period 4/9/2014 – 2/28/2015) and The F.M. Kirby Family Faculty Fellowship award.

Congratulations to the following faculty for election to College or University committees:

Uli Bierbach (Committee on Academic Affairs, 2014‐17);

Patricia Dos Santos (Committee on Orientation & Lower Division Advising, 2014‐18);

Rebecca Alexander (Committee on Tenure & Promotion, 2014‐16);

Willie Hinze (Capital Planning Committee, 2014‐17).