STEM Fellowship Recipients Awarded

ashley peake, malindi whyte, and scott dawson photo

Three students from Wake Forest University have been awarded the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. The fellowship aims to support graduate students in STEM by providing three years of financial support to those pursuing research-based degrees. The recipients include seniors Ashley Peake and Malindi Whyte and chemistry doctoral candidate Scott Dawson.

Peake plans to pursue a Ph.D. in the Social Engineering Systems and Statistics program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she will focus on using mathematical modeling to understand how people’s opinions change in response to online content, which can lead to polarization and the formation of online echo chambers. Meanwhile, Whyte will be pursuing a Ph.D. in applied mathematics at Brown University, where she will focus on studying mathematical models for how a system evolves in time and space from a sociological perspective. Dawson is pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry at Wake Forest, where his research focuses on the synthesis of sulfur and/or selenium-containing organic molecules that have interesting biological activity.

Follow this link to read the article by Kim McGrath at WFU News