Homecoming Reception and Demo Show draw big crowds

The Biology Chemistry and Physics departments came together on Homecoming Saturday to host the Deacon Demo Show and the Science Alumni Reception. Such activities began with the Chemistry department at Homecoming 2008, and has grown to include Biology and Physics over the past 3 and 4 years respectively.

This Year the Demo show included presentations by …
Biologists Bill Connor and device from the ICE program helping blind people navigate using bat-mimicking technology; Morgan Burnette (Ashley-Ross student) with videos of archer fish; and Gloria Muday with demonstration video of Heirloom tomatoes.

Physicists Eric Chapman levitating a beach ball and mechanizing the rolling of the quad; Chapman also demonstrated a Tesla coil with the help of Darth Vader (student John Anand); and Jack Dostal with an engaging demonstration of the conservation of momentum with the help of students Hannah Smith and John Anand.

Chemists Lindsay Comstock drawing oohs and ahs with her version of the lumninol reaction assisted by student Maggie Sinkler; and Al Rives and student David Adkins creating some magic glass repair using an oil solution matching the index of refraction of pyrex; and a cohort of student from Paul Jone’s History of Chemistry class (Jason Guo, Caroline Cunningham, and Chirag Patel) demonstrating the silvering of glass using the tolens reagent.

Carnac (Willie) Hinze was back from his tour of the Funk and Wagnels archives to perform his mystifying telepathic powers.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was when president Hatch was discovered in the lab turning copper into gold in order to enhance the financial stability of the University. (There’s a chance he was actually making brass.) He was gracious enough to share his experimental prowess with faculty member Scott Geyer and students Katherine Black, Ron Nelson, and Sean Parker.

The Science Alumni Reception followed the Demo Show in the lobby of Winston Hall. Nearly 100 people saw the Demo Show, and most stopped in for the reception as well.