FoC Career Event focuses on Chemistry and the Law

This year’s Career Event focused on “Chemistry and the Law”. The panel included patent attorneys Nitya Anand (’10), and Erin Hoffman (’01), technology transfer specialist Partha Choudhury (PhD ’15), and corporate in-house counsel Karen Ware (spouse ’00). Contributions from the management-side were also made by Jim Harton (’74). This was the 6th year of the Career Event; the first three years gave students exposure to a wide range of career paths alumni have taken, and the most recent three years have attempted to focus more on specific areas (Pharmaceuticals in 2013, and Regulatory chemistry in 2014).

We have had record numbers of chemistry majors in the past few years and they aren’t all looking for jobs in the lab. The Department as well as the Office of Personal and Career Development are grateful to these alumni and friends for showing current students some of the breadth of career paths their predecessors have taken.

In the photo below, Jim (audience front left), Karen, and Nitya (seated at facing table) addressed the attendees in-person while Erin (large image on screen) and Partha (small right image on screen) contributed remotely via WebEx.