#WFUtaughtme – Wake Forest University Teacher appreciation 2013


In order to celebrate the professors and teachers who make Wake Forest a community focused first and foremost on the teaching and mentoring of students, we invite you to take part in Teacher Appreciation 2013.  From October 15 – 25, we will be encouraging all members of the Wake Forest community to take the time to reflect on the individuals who have shaped their education. 

Use this site, http://wfutaughtme.weebly.com/, to keep up-to date and to send us your compliments to the professors you want to thank. Take part in our social media challenges using the hashtag #WFUTaughtMe and spread the word around campus.

Be sure to join us Friday, October 25th on the lower quad for our Teacher Appreciation Big Event from 11AM – 3PM. We will be inviting all professors to host their office hours on the Quad and will be providing coffee, Krispy Kreme, corn-hole, and ladder-ball! Invite your professor to join you for a cup of coffee, game of corn-hole, or just to chat and celebrate the faculty-student engagement that makes Wake Forest exceptional!


“Dr. Alexander:
You made Biochem so much fun! It truly was one of my favorite classes at Wake because of you! I also loved being in your Movement and the Molecular class…your appreciation for my two favorite things, art and science, made for an enriching learning environment! “

“To Dr. Angela King:
Are your classes tough? Yes. Is Organic Chemistry tough? Well… not anymore I suppose. We students may think we log a respectable amount of hours studying for your class; however, it does not compare to the time you put into both your professional career, your farm, and your family.  So I just wanted to extend a thank you for your investment in us—it is appreciated more than you know.”

“Dr. Christa Colyer is the poster model of caring about students’ learning and growth. To the best 8 AM Chemistry teacher a pre-med student could ask for, – A.”

“Dr. Tomlinson,
Thank you so much for inspiring me to be a Chemistry major and for always being available to answer my ridiculous amount of chemistry questions.”

“Dr. Rives
You’re the best chem teacher ever! Thank you for being helpful and excited to teach this class. It makes it so much better. You rock!”

“Dear Dr. Dos Santos,
Thank you for teaching me the fundamentals of science and research, without it, I would not have the depth of appreciation for the research behind all of the medical advances I will be using with my MD. You taught me to speak with confidence and to ask questions despite my pride. You were my role model as a woman in a male-dominated field. I hope to pursue my career with the tenacity and enthusiasm that you do. Thank you for all of the years we worked together, I would not be nearly as successful in medical school if I had not had you to mentor me and push me to my ultimate potential.”

“Professor Angela King:

Your class has taught me to relax, and to look at the bigger picture. You have taught me that a setback is not the end of the world. You have taught me to finally learn how to relax. Albeit, organic chemistry is no walk in the park for anyone I know, but your course has pushed me to my limits in a whole new way. It has made me realize what type of learner I am and it has taught me to establish better studying techniques.

You are an amazing individual who wears many different hats. If you can do it all, then so can we.

Thank you for all that you do! “

“Dr. Rives,
Thank you being such a wonderful professor and being committed to helping your students learn. Your enthusiasm for chemistry made me excited to pursue it as a major and future career!”