Trivia Night – A New Tradition

By Dr. Al Rives

A new tradition is emerging in the department – a visit by many graduating seniors and faculty to Foothills Brewery for Trivia Night near the end of the Spring semester.  Knowledge of trivial matters is not a prerequisite, but a cool chemistry-sounding team name is.  This has happened irregularly over the past 5 or 6 years, usually gaining some momentum in the Chem Analysis class most of the seniors take in the Spring.  This year the turnout was overwhelming (both for the organizers and the folks at Foothills), so it looks like the tradition is officially established.

Official Report from Trivia Night – Tuesday April 29, 2014 – Foothills Brewery

So(dium) Fine – 94                          Chemi-kaze – 107                                 Total BORONs – 108

Rosa Castrejon                                  Caroline Black                                    Leslie Ruffing

Amanda Dunn                                   Nicole Irving                                       Alec Christian

Claire Nagy-Kato                              Ellen Petryna                                     Hadley Heindel

Ryan Coll                                            Emily Wikner                                      Megan Rudock

Jessica Leuchter                               Karen Sweeney

Brooke Epley

Kate Culbreath

Christa Colyer

Bra’s & Ket’s (< | | >) – 115        All the good names ARGON – 119     Excited States – 160

Jonathan West                                  Laura Hutchins                                  Dwaine Hodges

Trey Coury                                         Nick Koutlas                                       Theresa Patten

Willie Hinze                                       Dom Haja                                            Nick Jenkins

Akbar Salam                                       Al Rives                                                Paul Jones

(Liam White defected to another team… which actually beat all the above)

Trivia Night at Foothills Brewery

Trivia Night at Foothills Brewery