November Meeting  for the ACS-Central North Carolina Section

Partha Choudhury

Partha Choudhury

Chemistry graduate student, Partha Choudhury, is giving a seminar at this month’s section meeting for the ACS-Central North Carolina Section.

Title: “Preparation and reaction chemistry of novel silanol and in situ silanol dienes”
When: Thursday, November 20, 2014
Where: NC A&T New Science Building Room 200

Speaker Abstract
Partha P Choudhury, Prof. Mark E Welker*

Silanols and in situ silanols are excellent candidates for transmetallation. Our group has been working to develop methodolo-gy for catalytic, exo-selective, enantio-selective Diels-Alder reactions which is based on sequential transmetallation, Diels-Alder, oxidative addition and reductive elimination. We have performed an extensive study on syntheses of silicon dienes containing a variety of nontransferable groups known to promote transmetallation. Here we will discuss syntheses and Diels-Alder reactions of silicon substituted butadienes followed by discussions on syntheses of more highly substituted dienes and their Diels-Alder, cross coupling chemistry. Scope and limitations of catalytic pathways involving chiral Ni and Pd complexes will be reported.

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