Roy Ware finishes term as Steering Committee Chair

Roy Ware (PhD ’00) completed his 3-year term on the FoC Steering committee at the recent Homecoming. He joined the Steering Committee at the 2012 Homecoming; becoming the first PhD alum to serve. At last year’s Homecoming, Roy took over the leadership of the Committee from Keith McDowell, and he led deftly for the past year – all this on top of his professional responsibilities as Vice President of Chemistry at Chimerix.

During the past year Roy focused the attention of the Committee on improving the organization’s online presence – developing new features for the FoC webpage and supporting the start of the Twitter account. Roy had been influential in establishing features of the webpage early in his term.

Roy also oversaw the execution of the first Young Alumni Award as well as the delivery of the first Distinguished Alumni Award this past Spring.

It has been a good year for the FoC – primarily because of Roy’s leadership. And the great leadership continues. This year Jim Harton (’74) steps into the role of Chair after two years of major contributions on the Committee. Jim was the president and CEO of Solvay North America, and now holds the same position with Eco-Services, the nation’s leading supplier of sulfuric acid.