Declaring a Major

Declaring a Major

I Want  To Be A Chemistry Major… Now What?!?                      

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Welcome to a special group of about 80 students who have already decided to major in Chemistry! We hope that you find a home in this department to help you realize all of your academic and professional goals.  Deciding to major in Chemistry is the first of many important decisions in the discipline, and you will likely have many decisions still to make, such as:

? Which major is right for me: the BS; the BS with concentration in Biochemistry or concentration in Materials Chemistry; or the BA?

? What can I do with my chemistry degree when I graduate?

? How might my study of chemistry complement other academic interests in other departments (double majors; major & minor programs)?

? How can I get involved in chemistry research?

? Can I participate in study abroad as a chemistry major?

? Are there ways for me to get involved with chemistry outreach activities here on campus or in the local community?

To help guide you to solutions to these and many other questions, a Major Advisor will be assigned to you after declaration.  Major Advisors are Chemistry faculty members who can share their experiences with you as you work towards your academic, professional, and personal goals.  They will meet with you regularly, beginning soon after your declaration until your graduation.

So, now that you’ve decided to major in Chemistry, here’s what will happen:

To declare a Chemistry Major:

  • Obtain a major declaration form, from the Registrar’s or Department’s Office
  • Complete the Student Information, on the form
  • Meet with the Department Chair or Administrative Assistant for signature and/or advisor assignment
  • Submit completed form to the Registrar’s Office

The initial declaration of major usually occurs in the Spring term of the Sophomore year or when the student has EARNED at least 40 credit hours. There is a designated period in February in which Sophomores declare majors en masse through the College academic departments, without each student needing to file individual declaration forms through the Office of the University Registrar.  Contact your planned major department for details.

To participate in departmental major pre-registration, the declaration form MUST be submitted to the Registrar no later than ONE WEEK prior to the begin of the advising period for pre-registration.


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