U. S. Patent Issued

Deacon Chemist

The patent filed a year ago for the development of carbon-based catalyst for the waste-to-bioenergy conversion was issued last week. The work was done in collaboration with ORNL and was initiated by a superb collaboration between two alums: Zach Hood … Continue reading

WFU students to teach ‘kitchen chemistry’ to kids at Kaleideum North

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“Students can only learn so much out of a book,” said Comstock-Ferguson, an associate professor of chemistry. “You can’t learn science without actually doing it. This is a great way for Wake Forest students to embody the spirit of Pro Humanitate by … Continue reading

Chemistry major earns Beckman Scholar award

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by Bonnie Davis  |  davisbl@wfu.edu  |  336.758.5390 “KyungMin Yoo, a rising junior who is majoring in chemistry, has been selected as Wake Forest’s fifth Beckman Scholar. As part of the Beckman Scholars Program, Yoo will spend two summers working on … Continue reading

2016 Chemistry Major and PhD Graduates

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Congratulations PhD William Clodfelter       Yuyang Zhu         Song Ding         Adam Davidson BCHS David Adkins          Shah Nomair Alam      Katherine Albanese    Eric Bueter         Julie Chu         Matthew Cottam          Pierre Duncan Denise Elizondo      Lucas Gabriel  … Continue reading

Student Awards

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Congratulations to the following students for receiving the: CRC Freshman Award: Sierra Burick, Spencer Sullivan, Kelley O’Keefe, Lisa Thiele, Taylor Shue, Alexandra Persily and Martin Tan  POLYED Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Award:  Hanwen Wang Undergraduate Student Award in Environmental Chemistry:  Yian Wang … Continue reading

Out of the classroom, into the kitchen

Lindsay Comstock-Fergeson

Bonnie Davis recently published a new story on the Wake Forest New Service about Dr. Lindsay Comstock-Ferguson’s Kitchen Chemistry class. ‘From candy “glass” to gooey slime, plain scrambled eggs and edible bubbles, Wake Forest University students put their kitchen chemistry … Continue reading