Troy Stich

Troy Stich

Contact Info

Dr. Troy Stich

Assistant Professor

Post-Doctoral research associate/Associate Research Specialist, University of California-Davis,  2005-2018,  (R. David Britt)

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2000-2005, (Thomas C. Brunold)

B.Sc. Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University 1996-2000, (Michael P. Hendrich)

Office: Wake Downtown, Room 2819
Phone: 336.702.1945

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Research Description

Research Areas

Mechanism determination for metalloenzymes: focusing on radical SAM and cobalamin-dependent systems.

Spectroscopy: UV-vis, resonance Raman, and electron paramagnetic resonance characterization of enzyme reaction intermediates.

Chemical and computational modeling of enzymatic chemistry: generation and characterization of substrate, transition state, and product analogues.

Chemical biology: design mutagenic variants that yield novel product outcomes.

Recent Publications

  1. Barr, I; Stich, TA; Gizzi, A; Grove, T; Bonanno, JB; Latham, JA; Chung, T; Wilmot, CM; Britt, RD; Almo, SC; Klinman, JP X-ray and EPR Characterization of the Auxiliary Fe-S Clusters in the Radical SAM Enzyme PqqE  Biochemistry201857: 1306–1315. Link
  1. Tao, L; Stich, TA; Liou, S-H; Soldatova, AV; Delgadillo, D; Romano, CA; Spiro, TG; Goodin, DB; Tebo, BM; Casey, WH; Britt, RD Copper Binding Sites in the Manganese-Oxidizing Mnx Protein Complex Investigated by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Journal of the American Chemical Society2017139: 8868–8877. Link
  1. Stich, TA; McAlpin, JG; Wall, RM; Rigsby, ML; Britt, RD Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Characterization of Dioxygen-Bridged Cobalt Dimers with Relevance to Water Oxidation Inorganic Chemistry201655: 12728–12736. Link
  1. Stich, TA; Gagnon DM; Anderson, BL; Nocera, DG; Britt, RD EPR Spectroscopic Characterization of a Jahn-Teller Distorted (C3vCs) Four-Coordinate Chromium(V) Oxo Species Israel Journal of Chemistry201656: 864–871. Link
  1. Wagner, CL; Tao, L; Thompson, EJ; Stich, TA; Guo, J; Fettinger, JC; Berben, LA; Britt, RD; Nagase, S; Power, PP  Dispersion Force Assisted Disproportionation: Synthesis and Characterization of a Stable Two-Coordinate Copper(II) Complex  Angewandte Chemie International Edition201655: 10444–10447. Link
  1. Oyala, PH; Ravichandran, KR; Funk, MA; Stucky, PA; Stich, TA; Drennan, CL; Britt, RD; Stubbe, JS Biophysical Characterization of Fluorotyrosine Probes Site-Specifically Incorporated into Enzymes: E. coliRibonucleotide Reductase as an Example  Journal of the American Chemical Society2016138: 7951–7964. Link
  1. Tao, L; Stich, TA; Butterfield, CN; Romano, CA; Spiro, TG; Tebo, BM; Casey, WH; Britt, RD  Mn(II) Binding and Subsequent Oxidation by the Multicopper Oxidase MnxG Investigated by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy  Journal of the American Chemical Society2015137: 10563–10575. Link
  1. Oyala, PH; Stich, TA; Debus, RJ; Britt, RD  Ammonia Binds to the Dangler Manganese of the Photosystem II Oxygen Evolving Complex  Journal of the American Chemical Society2015137: 8829–8837. Link
  1. Britt, RD; Suess, DLM; Stich, TA An Mn(V)-Oxo Role in Splitting Water?  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2015112: 5265–5266. Link  A commentary accompanying Gupta, R et al. PNAS 2015Link
  1. ParthasarathyA; Stich, TA; Lohner, ST; Lesnefsky, A; Fincker, M; Britt, RD; Spormann, AM  Biochemical and EPR-spectroscopic Investigation into Heterologously Expressed Vinyl Chloride Reductive Dehalogenase (VcrA) from Dehalococcoides mccartyi strain VS Journal of the American Chemical Society2015137: 3525–3532. Link
  1. Myers, WK*;Stich, TA*; Suess, DLM; Kuchenreuther, JM; Swartz, JR; Britt, RD  The Cyanide Ligands of [FeFe] Hydrogenase: Pulse EPR Studies of 13C and 15N-Labeled H-Cluster  Journal of the American Chemical Society2014136: 12237–12240Link
  1. Stich, TA; Myers, WK; Britt, RD  Paramagnetic Intermediates in Radical SAM Enzymes  Accounts of Chemical Research201447: 2235–2243. Link
  1. Kuchenreuther, JM*; Myers, WK*; Suess, DLM;Stich, TA; Cramer, SP; Swartz, JR; Britt, RD; George, SJ  The HydG Enzyme Generates an Fe(CO)2(CN) Synthon in Assembly of [FeFe] Hydrogenase H-Cluster  Science2014343: 424–427. Link
  1. Kuchenreuther, JM*; Myers, WK*;Stich, TA; George, SJ; NejatyJahromy, Y; Swartz, JR; Britt, RD  A Radical Intermediate in Tyrosine Scission to the CO and CN Ligands of [FeFe] Hydrogenase  Science2013342: 472–475. Link
  1. Cotruvo, J; Stich, TA; Britt, RD; Stubbe, J  Mechanism of Assembly of the Dimanganese-Tyrosyl Radical Cofactor of Class Ib Ribonucleotide Reductase: Enzymatic Generation of Superoxide is Required for Tyrosine Oxidation via a Mn(III)Mn(IV) Intermediate  Journal of the American Chemical Society2013135: 4027–4039. Link
  1. Fugate, CJ;Stich, TA; Kim, EG; Myers, WK; Britt, RD; Jarrett, JT  9-Mercaptodethiobiotin is Generated as a Ligand to the [2Fe-2S]+ Cluster During the Reaction Catalyzed by Biotin Synthase from Escherichia coli Journal of the American Chemical Society2012134: 9042–9045. Link
  1. Sheng, Y; Stich, TA; Barnese, K; Gralla, EB; Cascio, D; Britt, RD; Cabelli, DE; Valentine, JS  A Comparison of Two Yeast MnSODs: Mitochondrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae versus Cytosolic Candida albicans  Journal of the American Chemical Society2011133: 20878–20889. Link
  1. McAlpin, JG; Stich, TA; Ohlin, CA; Surendranath, Y; Nocera, DG; Casey, WH; Britt, RD  Electronic Structure Description of a [Co(III)3Co(IV)O4] Cluster, a Model for the Paramagnetic Intermediate in Cobalt-catalyzed Water Oxidation  Journal of the American Chemical Society2011133: 15444–15452. Link
  1. Stich, TA*; Yeagle, GJ*; Service, RJ; Debus, RJ; Britt, RD  D1-His332 and D1-Asp170 Amino Acid Ligation to the Manganese Cluster of Photosystem II from SynechocystisAssessed by Multifrequency Pulse EPR Spectroscopy  Biochemistry201150: 7390–7404. Link
  1. Stich, TA; Whittaker, JW; Britt, RD  Multifrequency EPR Studies of Manganese Catalases Provide a Complete Description of Proteinaceous Nitrogen Coordination  Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2010. 114: 14178–14188. Link
  1. Stull, JA; Stich, TA; Service, RJ; Debus, RJ; Mandal, SK; Armstrong, WH; Britt, RD.  13C ENDOR Reveals that the D1 Polypeptide C-Terminus is Directly Bound to Mn in the Photosystem II Oxygen Evolving Complex   Journal of the American Chemical Society2010132: 446–447. Link