Lindsay R. Comstock-Ferguson

Lindsay R. Comstock-Ferguson

Contact Info

Lindsay Comstock-Ferguson

Associate Professor

B.S., 2000, Northern Arizona University
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences), University of Wisconsin-Madison
Postdoc (Biomolecular Chemistry, J.M. Denu), University of Wisconsin-Madison

Office: Wake Downtown, Rm. 3814
Phone: (336) 702-1956

Research Group

Summer 2015_2

Dr. Comstock’s Research Group Expendable’s Pose, June 2015 – From left to right: Natalie Bremner-Hay, Maria Ramirez Perez, Lindsay Comstock, Eleni Kisty, Sarah Hymbaugh Bergman, Natt Sirasunthorn.

Dr. Comstock’s Research Group

Dr. Comstock’s Research Group Selfie, June 2014 – Back, from left to right: Sarah Kosakowski, Samantha Millikan, Eleni Kisty, Natalie Bremner-Hay, Sarah Hymbaugh Bergman; Front: Lindsay Comstock

Research Description

Description of Research
Research in our laboratory lies at the chemistry-biology interface and seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the role of post-translational modifications in the dynamic regulation of cellular function and how alterations in these modification states correlate to disease.  The combination of organic chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology is utilized in developing small-molecule tools to not only identify where substrates are modified, but to investigate the physiological effect of such modifications in vivo.  Specifically, cofactor mimics of S-adenosyl-L-methionine and adenosine triphosphate bearing reactive functionalities serve as substrates for cellular methyltransferases and kinases, respectively, to generate easily-detected biological complexes.  Ultimately, the long-term value of such agents to serve as biochemical tools will allow us to begin understanding the underlying chemical driving forces which induce and alter biologically important processes and disease through post-translational modifications.



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