John Lukesh

John Lukesh

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John Lukesh


Assistant Professor                            

B.S., 2009, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
Ph.D., 2014, University of Wisconsin–Madison (Ronald T. Raines)
Postdoctorate, 2014–2017, The Scripps Research Institute (Dale L. Boger)

Office: Wake Downtown, Rm. 3813
Phone: 336-702-1955

Lukesh Research Group

Research Description

Description of Research
We are broadly interested in the design and synthesis of organic molecules that can be used to interrogate biological systems. Of particular interest is the development of redox-responsive drug delivery systems, novel prodrugs and combination therapies for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, highly selective cellular probes for sensing gasotransmitters and other endogenous signaling molecules, and the design and synthesis of small molecules with enhanced physicochemical properties to serve as functional mimics of essential enzymes. Students participating in this research will experience a diverse range of topics and techniques at the ever-widening interface of chemistry and biology.