Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

Interested in doing research? Need to complete the research requirement for your Bachelor’s in Science degree? Not sure where to start?

The first question to ask yourself is would I rather do Analytical, Biochemical, Inorganic, Organic, or Physical research. The next step is to investigate the type of research being carried out in the Chemistry department in your area of interest. Once you have identified one or two labs that are of interest, directly contact the professor and inquire about opportunities in their lab for undergraduate research. Students conducting research during the academic year with Chemistry faculty register for CHM 391/392 and obtain a POI from the research professor directly.

CHM 390

While the majority of Chemistry majors complete research with faculty from the Chemistry department, many students complete their research requirement outside of the department.  Several options include research with WFU School of Medicine faculty, research labs at other academic institutions, and summer industry experiences. Students interested in completing their research requirement outside of the Chemistry department must complete the CHM 390 Approval Form and submit it to Dr. Lindsay Comstock to verify that research to be conducted is chemical in nature. Once approved, a POI will be issued to register for CHM 390. Upon completing the research experience, a written report must be submitted to receive credit for completing research.

The following is a partial list of WFU faculty that have supervised research projects outside of the Chemistry department:

Dr. Rong Chen, WFUSM, Physiology and Pharmacology
Dr. Cristina Furdui, WFUSM, Molecular Medicine
Dr. William Gmeiner, WFUSM, Cancer Biology
Dr. Michael Gross, WFU, Engineering
Dr. Thomas Hollis, WFUSM, Biochemistry
Dr. Sang Jin Lee, WFIRM                                                                         
Dr. Todd Lowther, WFUSM, Biochemistry
Dr. Timothy Pardee, WFUSM, Cancer Biology
Dr. Leslie Poole, WFUSM, Biochemistry
Dr. Linda Porrino, WFUSM, Physiology and Pharmacology
Dr. Naveen Said, WFUSM, Cancer Biology