Frequently Asked Questions For New Students

I have a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Chemistry Exam (or 7 or 8 on the IB Chemistry Exam) — what should I do now?

If you have submitted your test scores to the Registrar’s Office, then you will receive credit at Wake Forest for CHM 111 (3 hr), CHM 111L (1hr), and CHM 280 (3 hr). You do NOT have to  take the Chemistry Exemption Exam to receive this credit. You will also be invited to register for a special freshmen-only section of  Organic Chemistry I in the fall semester of your freshman year. This  course is designated “CHM 123 & 123L” and will allow you to get a  jump-start on your chemistry studies at Wake. For students who may  choose to major in chemistry and/or who want extra scheduling  flexibility in the long-run (to study abroad or complete the  requirements for a double-major, for example), this invitation-only  course is a great option! Look for an email or letter to be sent to you before you arrive on campus. Please contact Dr. Paul Jones  (jonespb@wfu.edu) for more information.

I’m not sure if I want to begin my study of Chemistry in the  fall of my freshman year, but I definitely want to take College  Chemistry I (CHM 111 & 111L) at some point…. What are my options?

College Chemistry I is designed for  students who have learned some of the basics in chemistry and  mathematics at some point in high school, and it is the starting point  for your study of chemistry at Wake if you do not have AP or IB credit.  College Chemistry I is offered only in the fall semester, so if you  decide not to take this class during your first semester on campus, then you’ll have to wait until the fall of your sophomore year (or later) to take it. But that’s okay, depending upon your long-term interests and  goals. There have been plenty of successful pre-meds who have taken  CHM111 & 111L in their sophomore year, and even some BS chemistry  majors! Someone doing this, however, should be sure to make progress  with Calculus or Physics, for example, during their freshman year. Be  sure to check out the Pre-Health Professions website at http://college.wfu.edu/prehealth/ , or talk to your lower  division advisor, or contact the Chemistry Department Chair (Dr.  Welker, 758-5758, welker@wfu.edu ) if you still have questions about  this.

I had a late registration time and I am registered for a  lecture section of CHM 111 but I could only manage to get waitlisted for a lab section (or vice versa). Now what should I do?

Don’t worry – we’ll try as hard as  possible to accommodate as many students as possible — but please note  that you will have to be flexible – you may have to rearrange your  schedule a bit and you may not necessarily get into the section of your  first-choice. For any questions about College Chemistry I Lab (CHM111L)  enrollments, please be sure to contact Dr. Al Rives (758-4630,  rivesab@wfu.edu). And be sure to check on WIN — sometimes there are  still a few seats remaining in the Friday afternoon lab section — don’t  be too fussy — take one of those if you can — it’s better to have a seat in a section that may not be your first choice rather than have no seat at all! And besides, Friday afternoon labs are FUN!

I took an AP Chemistry class in high school but never took  the test (or I didn’t take AP Chemistry but my high school had a really  awesome chemistry program and I think I am pretty well prepared for  college chemistry). What options do I have?

You can take the Chemistry Exemption  Exam, which will be offered during the first week of classes. Go ahead and register for CHM 111/111L, and then your professor will make an announcement in the first or second class meeting with more details about the exemption exam option. If you do well on this exam, then you will  automatically receive credit on your WFU transcript for College  Chemistry I (CHM 111 (3 hr) & 111L (1hr)), and you will drop your CHM 111/111L class, with the option of being moved into the CHM 123/123L class instead.