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MNova 12.0.0 NMR, MS

MNova Manual

Pasco Capstone

The Chemistry Department has a site license for the Pasco Capstone software.  To install this software, you must have a valid WFU account, and be logged into your WFU GMail account on your browser.
Click Here for instructions

ChemDraw Professional 17 and Newer

For ChemDraw Professional for Windows or ChemDraw Professional for Mac,  users need to register (using their Wake Forest University email address) and download the installer through the following link.

PerkinElmer Download Center

ChemDraw Professional 16 and Older

For instructions on reactivating your current version, Click Here

NOTE: To look up your current serial number, log onto the PerkinElmer site, and then click the My Downloads link.

Chemistry Toolbox

Allylic Coupling Calculators

sp3 Proton-Proton Coupling Calculator

NMR Vector Model / Coherence Model


ZSR Library Resources

Research Guide for Chemistry

Chemistry Research ResourcesLibrary resources includes: SciFinder, Web of Science, PubMed (MEDLINE), Analytical WebBase, and INSPEC.

Science Citation Index